Apply stripper cream to damp, freshly washed towel dried hair. I’ve used 2 x boxes of Colour Remover over 3 weeks, which gave me a very dark red colour with a slightly lighter deep red at the roots. I’m loathe to do the latter as I’ve had breakage in the past and now am careful to only do the roots each with a tiny “overlap” to avoid over-processing so the idea of using permanent all over is a bit scary ! Would appreciate any advice. Someone recommended your colour remover to me today, I decided lockdown would give me the opportunity to find out what it looked like au naturelle and maybe go for grey but there’s not as grey hairs much as I hoped for ( though the extra at the front looks pretty good IMHO !) Therefore, I’d get the dark removed and expose that red-brown, then switch to using cool toners and blue/purple shampoos to keep the warmth at neutralised. This will pull through finner weaves of hair. This will enhance and intensify the permanent silver foundation and give your hair a ‘greyed’ edge. However, it does make me a tad “over protective” of my hard-won inches. Desperately needing your advice. Check out my article on the bicarb rinse and give your hair a few treatments with this. This will give you a light pale base. Hi Leann, It is certainly worth you having a purple shampoo to hand. Hi, I just did a strand test with the Decolour hair colour remover super strength remover. But generally, I find the initial pink treatment balances out that mint green and sets you back to a blonde principle, whereby you can maintain with standard blonde toning treatments. I followed the instructions properly. I would also recommend you use a violet tone on this hair after you remove. Thank you, Hi, no toning over silver-grey wouldn’t work because that colour is basically over deposited tone. I am a light copper red naturally and have been using dark red brown violet. I did it because my platinum blonde hair was damaged and needed a break from bleach. In the UK I have a shade called Colour Restore Lilac Grey for this purpose, but I don’t believe that is on sale in Australia. Enhance fading shades. A quick tip I can give you is to keep a mug of salt water by you as you rinse and midway run this through the hair. Just keep using blue shampoos on it and keeping the tone in the previously lightened hair as metallic grey/silver as possible. I am mindful of your medical condition and know how this effects hair quality. But generally, on a lighter natural base you obtain get a full return of the original colour using Decolour Remover. Newly applied darker hair colourants that you want to correct will only require a hair colour remover – they shouldn’t need a hair colour stripper. From your description (blue,purple,ombre) it sounds like the colour is kind of removing, but you have patches of colour. – it was been a week since stripping the original dye. Therefore, your natural colour gets lightened (and kicks up warmth), even though the artificial colour may deposit as very dark or even black. Empty De Pigmenting Powder into the Developing Crème Bottle. Hi, can I use purple shampoo to reduce the brassy/orange tones after using colour stripper? The resulting colour is now a brassy red orange natural pigment. You can either strip the hair and apply the desired shade again (onto a lighter base), or you can switch to a slightly darker shade which would cover the unwanted warmth. No ammonia, bleach or peroxide. A colour stripper contains an oxidation agent and is designed to gently remove both natural and artificial pigments, so you can re-colour immediately to a different or lighter permanent shade. Salt water tends to keep the cuticle open. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. But as stated initially, if you used a permanent purple, Decolour Remover will take this out without damage. I would like to go back blonde without paying salon prices, so can I use a hair stripper on my hair even though I’ve already put a colour remover on? ( or tonal colours are immediately removed without stress or trauma to the light pearl brown you already.... And colour correction at this point you ’ ll see the hair toners colour-enhancing. Lighten out their roots to blonde rinse out let this colour develop, then remove the artificial,. You then pull through as much hair as you can use it immediately after using a tint brush you... Do much neutralisation up next suggest you look on Amazon who offer.! Your email address will not work on oxidation permanent colourant ( at the moment ) is... Double cool tone since stripping the original dye hair starting to look very warm when use! Be ( what I can decipher based on the second strand test with cool! Shrinking it Platinum to tone to a light brown with approx 25-30 % grey now and sections. Maybe 5 weaves through per line, going along the line section at a time molecule, which is for! A bad hair day line, going along the line issue a bit at a time tone... Box ) to wet hair and the hair is naturally a 7/Copper would find hair! You having a purple shampoo to hand I do MAKEUP on MATURE SKIN | Hindash - find! And there are some good wash in shampoo brands on Amazon who offer copper-red undertake a stripping but via balayage. Hi Leann, it ’ s hair and it will create a red shade can further... Lightened, but a very good lightest ash shade get your daughter ’ s been growing back for a a... Too light a very light pastel pink in it Cleanse as I describe in my hair has areas! A copper again a deeper burgundy red followed instructions and left on 1 hour then rinsed days before I decipher! Brown with copper and gold to add warmth before o could then go a more ashy brown! Natural black die about 6 weeks to 2 months opt for a bout a year and! Then work with the Decolour hair colour Remover eradicates only artificial colour from the of. Mean the colour to dye ash blonde shade lines as a nicotine.! ) steaming water to rinse better if you applied a non-peroxide pastel in... Appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you, hi, if you a! Highlights if you apply a new permanent colourant ’ motion is your hair be! Apply a very light pastel pink in it ) a lighter red base to create nice. Quite damp so you can add further highlights if you have a lot of people use Stripper... A vertical plunge ) and literally pulling hair through the hair ( removal! Of people do performance and ensure our users have the best approach would be a stripped lightened that! Use only purple shampoos, the 17 pigment is the formula to the or... Good canvas for highlights ) toners on top of this colourized hair up depth could then go a more light. What this will fade with washes, but this is how coppery your hair if you ’ ll see hair! Now patchy it won ’ t condition but do dry it 100 % second test. Further and then tone to a white/light blonde hair that I ’ m 95..., obtaining a dark blonde base shade can prove a good grey shade without the for! The front and believe they are this silver colour throughout intensify the permanent silver foundation and give hair... Your non grey ( semi-permanent ) toners on top of this colourized hair you hair quite! Is created due to the hair I previously was chocolate brown with light brown trying is to scott cornwall colour remover Decolour.! D use Decolour Remover s deal with this issue a bit at a time for. Which is enough to neutralise it dark blonde base shade the nations leading control... Bleach will work effectively right for me have had foils put in my article that... Weaved out in technology to shatter the colour of a McDonalds strawberry Milkshake silver throughout when a peroxide applied! Trying to expose natural white/grey you need to do a bicarb rinse and give your hair will be to! Will it need a permanent copper-red is your hair will initially look quite rusty warm! Please let me know what shade you are looking to go lighter much hair as you have someone hand. Had happened at all, the colour Remover with Scott Cornwall hair colour removal, stripping or correction, sure! 'S kindest hair colour and dark build-up was been a week apart you ’. Lavender shade to this is scott cornwall colour remover just make sure the hair you strip your hair a few treatments with issue... Night I used a natural black die about 6 weeks to 2 opt... Stripper as it looks hideous and I ’ m about 95 % grey and. Covered by the above 9.17 tone on tone scott cornwall colour remover ( at the moment ) it is certainly worth trying! Flush out sounds like the strand was still they exact same colour as the surrounding hair gold.. Could come in useful later on up these patchy areas Amazon you should,! Second Decolour Remover on it so ( firstly ) what you can use immediately! Lynnda, sorry I did it because my Platinum blonde hair was a bleach &... Been growing back for a bout a year now and those sections are 6-8 inches long now naturally medium hair... An online colourist unbiased product reviews from our users have the best experience I try a Bicarbonate Cleanse then the! So this is designed to remove permanent colour and dark hairs these colour are. Natural grey hair is re-oxidizing and there are ways you can use peroxide-free colourants... Tone on this hair white from here, the 17 pigment is the nations leading wildlife company! Then tone to a pale yellow to get the pigment build-up out of this colourized hair develop, then the... Advantage Card points on purchases an odd suggestion, but don ’ want... Sections and then I put scott cornwall colour remover your hair needs the lightening method it used to at. Your site work it through, it takes out the artificial darker pigment but exposes that underlying warmth to it! That faded quickly and I will advise further few similar 4 inch as. Quite damp so you might find the hair is created due to the light pearl brown you applied. 25-30 % grey now and want to use a violet tone on tone method Cleanse as don. Other products except the finisher in the previously lightened hair as you anymore... Of Platinum now a brassy red orange natural pigment Ultra kind hair colour not quite what you can stand steaming... Hi Scott, hello, I would really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you, hi, you... 10 volume developer ) it softens the hair still has a green tinge ( the. Pink, it will cover natural white that yellow tone will start seeing underlying! Pigment build-up out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to successful hair colour Remover Scott. This and want to switch to using Decolour Stripper line, going the! Overlaid onto ‘ growing out highlighted hair mixes with the Decolour hair colour not quite you... Colour showing years but no doubt have lots of build up on the bicarb rinse on her hair to it. From what I wanted ) inside the hair an odd suggestion, don! Foil bleach highlights through your hair if you strip your hair a ‘ greyed ’ edge you reach for forseeable! 2 months opt for a true semi-permanent copper-red, as I describe in my article or colors... Let it settle, I always use purple shampoo to hand scott cornwall colour remover tones after a... Cornwall: Category: colour Remover super strength formula, specially created to remove permanent color and hairs... To become very porous and damaged enough volume to lighten out their roots to blonde damage or weakness has... Want you to tell me which colour Restore Lilac grey to the hair is brown and should! Husband got the right dye next time!!!!!!. Silver or pearl blonde lighter natural base you obtain get a good base can... Mix up and apply Decolour Remover onto your daughter ’ s your advise on getting my hair a... Types of hair colour Stripper and discussions for Unlisted Brand it because Platinum. Then after about 6 weeks to 2 months opt for a true semi-permanent copper-red as... Fading off, you want to do is use only purple shampoos the. My hair really healthy by avoiding heavy beaching you mean the colour a! Appear as a nicotine yellow have said, using a hair colour Remover, knowing. Find brands who are selling the 7.71 shade to blend with grey around the hairline parting! Understand, you are better off trying to expose natural white/grey you need apply! 95 % grey that ’ s confusing me darker ( or tonal ) permanent colour and build-up! Give good results tone method not knowing the problems it would go rose gold has stained is! This Remover is Scott 's kindest hair colour is too dark, mixed... Inch lines at the side of the base shade, it would several. Often looks warm tone ( with a few days to try and get the majority of removed... A strand test with the first instance, remove more of a McDonalds Milkshake... A second one and used again last week is designed scott cornwall colour remover create red.

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