The Jacksonville Jaguars … What's most surprising is the fact that even when the clubs are winning, they sometimes have trouble filling out the stadium. How are they dealing with the turmoil? A's fans are even worse: In 2010, on average, less than 18,000 attended their games. The Nuggets and Avalanche do fairly well in terms of attendance, but their fans don't have the same type of iconic identity. Leaf fans are a passionate, loyal, parade-planning bunch. As we noted last year, being an Atlanta sports fan is so miserable. And even when the club was winning AL West titles, they weren't coming close to selling out each night. Still, it's been 40 seasons since the club reached the Super Bowl, and there have only been five division titles since then. We'll have a very up-close view of their love for the team (or maybe just how much they hate traitors) when LeBron James and the Miami Heat come to Quicken Loans Arena on December 2. Knicks (NBA), Yankees (MLB), Jets (NFL), Rangers (MLB), Mets (MLB), Giants (NFL), Raiders (NFL), Golden State Warriors (NBA), Athletics (MLB), Patriots (NFL), Celtics (NBA), Bruins (NHL), Red Sox (MLB), Lakers (NBA), Clippers, (NBA), Dodgers (MLB), Kings (NHL), Galaxy (MLS), Heat (NBA), Marlins (MLB), Dolphins (NFL), Panthers (NHL), Cowboys (NFL), Mavericks (NBA), Stars (NHL), FC Dallas (MLS), Bulls (NBA), Bears (NFL), Blackhawks (NHL), Cubs (MLB), White Sox (MLB), Cavaliers (NBA), Browns (NFL), Indians (MLB), Monsters (NHL), Falcons (NFL), Braves (MLB), Hawks (MLB), Thrashers (NHL), Redskins (NFL), Wizards (NBA), Capitals (NHL), Nationals (MLB), D.C. United (MLS), Lions (NFL), Red Wings (NHL), Pistons (NBA), Tigers (MLB). To say that Americans love sports is an understatement. When the club is playing well, more and more fans attend. Steelers fans are very good and they love their team. The Jacksonville Jaguars … They draw nearly 20,000 per game and, with Alexander Ovechkin, that doesn't seem to likely to change. All of the cities on the list had a lower crime rate than the national of 4.49 incidents per 1,000 people. Vote for that city or add it below! American City & County compared the rankings from WalletHub's 2015 Best & Worst Cities for Sports Fans and's 20 Worst Major Sports Cities in North America. As this list will soon show, that doesn't necessarily make you a bad fan base. The only reason they don't have a top spot is that, like Philly, they can be exceptionally hard on their players and coaches. Since 1994, only three franchises have won multiple World Series: the Red Sox, the Yankees and the Marlins. And they were creative too: the Brian Wilson beards worn at Candlestick in October were clever and a nice alternative to the obnoxious thunder sticks the fellow-Californian Angels fans bashed a few years back. Like LA, fans in Atlanta often opt to stay home rather than fight the traffic across a city that has grown too big for it's britches. Movement: Up 1 The Padres fell a bit, putting the Bills in the runner-up spot for the first time. Championship seasons since 1965 0% Close calls … This list speaks for the fan bases that, no matter how good their teams are, will always be losers. Sure the Cardinals … Sports curses have been dropping like flies in recent years. So the love and excitement for those two clubs is also as high as ever. For surviving five-plus decades without a title, San Francisco Giants fans are now basking in their championship light. First it was the Cleveland Cavaliers, who exorcised their city’s sports demons with a dramatic come-from-behind series win in 2016 against the seemingly unstoppable Golden State Warriors. There's no question that Minnesota sports fans love their teams. See in Philly the word classy means cheering when opposing players are injured and intentionally vomiting on children. Here’s a list of the 10 Most Hated Fan Bases. For the most part, the Georgia Dome is filled on Sundays in the fall, but the Hawks are pretty middle of the road in terms of attendance. This fall we also saw how much the Dallas/Ft. There's a case to be made that the town cares more about the Penguins than they do the Steelers: the fight to keep the team in town a few years back was as heated as any NFL-or-NBA-franchise city fight. Or is it because it was trendy to do so? That may display an unwavering desire to see their team win, but it can also make it seem like the town doesn't appreciate their team. Let's revisit the 10 times where Philadelphia fans took things way too far. So Chiefs fans could never be accused of being front-runners. To make matters worse, Boston and NYC are fierce rivals. 101 worst city in the U.S. for basketball fans, according to a new ranking. Just … And the "Who Dey" chants gave Riverfront, and now Paul Brown Stadium, a distinctive echo that bounces off the Ohio River. And, although the Cardinals football franchise left town in 1987, the passion for professional football was great enough to warrant a new team's arrival 10 years later. For that reason, there is a slight bandwagon-jumping feel to the Seattle sports scene. Sure the Heat are going to sell out all their games now. But just because a city is enormous it doesn’t mean it’s a great place to be a sports fan… The first one isn't so obvious to casual fans, but for those of you that know what really matters when handicapping a football game: the Bucs interior offensive line is a mess. Even though PetCo Park is right in the middle of that beautiful weather, Padres fans aren't much better. The Dolphins have a long-and-storied tradition, so they will always be big down there. Bigger cities with the largest populations tend to have the most pro sports team (examples: Los Angeles and New York). And Mariners fans started to get some notoriety in the mid-1990s, when the club was winning and making a few runs at the World Series. But when it does, the bandwagon won't get much lighter. Or how about the time they booed Santa Claus? But you could say that about any town. But with a beautiful ballpark, the attendance should be a little bit better than worst in the National League. In the U.S., 59 percent of all adults claim to be sports fans. But the lack of support for the Pirates is what keeps Pittsburgh from a top-tier spot on this list. St. Louis probably has the best baseball fans of any National League city. However, we want to talk about Football Holligan gans not exactly sports or games. But right down I-280, the 49ers are a mess, which leaves their fans on the opposite end of the sports spectrum. 2. The Dolphins played to 85.5 percent capacity in 2013, with an average of 64,319 fans per game, 12th-worst in the NFL. Maybe the Nationals will prove the third time's a charm. The Twin Cities is one of only 12 places in America that fields a team in all four major sports leagues. Could’ve been lower if not for the Tigers’ decent stretch in recent years. ... Because not one sports team in New York City lost on Thursday. Cities were ranked on the number of NFL and college football teams, the average price of a ticket and how friendly teams are for fans. The same cannot be said when it comes to the Royals, however. Which team has the worst fans in the NFL? After five Super Bowl titles in a 14-year stretch, 49ers fans probably became a little bit spoiled, so it's hard to blame them for seeming to be less-than-interested in the team the last few years. Pro Teams: Reds, Bengals,  (Columbus) Capitols. Then we have the cities whose sports fans are highly loyal and really passionate, but sometimes they take it a bit too far. Certainly Chiefs fans are great and loyal, although their attendance numbers aren't quite as high as you'd expect. all sports. The Raiders fans and their famous Black Hole are well known in NFL circles as some of the most rabid supporters around. Pro Teams: Braves, Falcons, Hawks, Thrashers. Worth/Arlington area cares about baseball. The Worst Fans in Sports 05/13/2010 10:22 am ET Updated May 25, 2011 Last night the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Utah Jazz 111-96 to complete a … Not to be outdone, the Patriots and Celtics have also won titles in recent years. That's why it's called Hockeytown. Start building your custom fan today, or shop our collection of various brands & styles online. Jags fans are the NFL's least obnoxious fans in large part because they BARELY exist, despite a surprise run to the … There might not be a louder stadium in the country than the Metrodome when the Vikings are playing. Favorite Answer. 1 decade ago. San Diego, CaliforniaSan Diego is the worst sports city in North America because the city's only … The Angels (Anaheim technically, but we'll include them) only do a little bit better. Over the years, Philadelphia fans have booed Santa Claus as well as their own star players. After a great run in the late 1970s and early-to-mid 1980s, Kaufman Stadium is almost always half-empty (or half-full, depending on your psyche). If your city doesn't have 6, what teams could your city add soon?, City vs. City, 240 replies What city will be the best sports city for this decade, City vs. City, 43 replies Which city has more rude sports fans, Philadelphia or Boston, City vs. City, 42 replies Worst sports city?, City vs. City, 66 replies San Diego. The cities with the worst sports fans are those locations across the United States and Canada whose sports fans are just awful. In case you haven't noticed, those teams haven't seen much success over the last decade. Jacksonville, Florida. In some proud cities, the misery of losing is a way of life: having a playoff-bound team is far from guaranteed, making a deep run in the post-season would be a rare gift from the gods, and the phrase “plan the … This list speaks for the fan bases that, no matter how good their teams are, will always be losers. Many tortured sports fans suffer from a sort of Stockholm Syndrome, where they base their identity in losing.Many bizarre sports arguments relate to which fanbase fares the worst, with the winner, er, loser, taking a sick sort of pride in enduring the most abject misery come game time. How many other fans dress up in pigs outfits and wear dresses? The Brewers and Bucks cannot compete when it comes to the state of Wisconsin's love for the Packers. Bill Barnwell unveils his Misery Index to determine the fan base that has suffered the most. Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone and have not been approved or otherwise endorsed by any financial institution, including those that are WalletHub advertising partners. Despite just a handful of good teams since their 1990 World Series upset, Reds fans are very loyal and very knowledgeable: 141 years of professional baseball will help foster those, even if their annual attendance figures aren't very good. But the newest and most rapidly expanding fan base belongs to the Mavericks. Plus, the future looks bright (or at least slightly less dim): July 1st is the first day of free agency, a.k.a. Phoenix and the surrounding area probably deserves a pass for not being considered a great fan base: for the most part, the teams haven't been around very long. Pro Teams: Rockies, Broncos, Nuggets, Avalanche. Browns fans had it worse. Here, we rank the top 13 cities by sports agony. Giants fans may have been long-suffering, but they weren't scarce. Cleveland Cavaliers fans mourn a loss prior to the 2016 NBA Championship | Angelo Merendino/Getty Images. Some of the other top-ranked cities for NFL superfans included Pittsburgh, PA, Dallas, TX, New York, NY and Miami, FL. 10 times Philadelphia fans were truly the worst As Villanova celebrates their National Championship win tonight, the sports fans of Philadelphia will be some wild ones to keep an eye out for. Take a look at the 10 worst franchises in North American professional sports. Barry Sanders, the greatest Lion of them all, … Their rioting led to at least one recorded death and dozens of injuries, while private property was also destroyed and fires raged. The sports renaissance (six world titles in the previous decade) in Boston will have to come to an end sometime. The Meanest Fans in America. Whether it be football, hockey or now baseball, these fans are only interested when the hometown team is actually in the playoffs. Answer Save. During the Braves great runs of the 1990s, television broadcasts of NLDS and NLCS games often featured shots of hundreds of empty seats. We proudly present the 10 Douchiest Sports Fan Cities in America . TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — This has been a year for Tampa Bay sports like no other, though the area's three successful professional franchises haven't had a chance to truly capitalize on the boom and energize pockets of a fan base that in recent years have earned the tag of front-runners. These fans are vulgar and violent and if you look at the arrests made in-game, they have the most. See in Philly the word classy means cheering when opposing players are injured and intentionally vomiting on children. “Philly sports fans are the worst,” someone will inevitably say to me. Pro Teams: Twins, Vikings, Timberwolves, Wild. Philly fans are a tricky bunch to characterize. But they are still pretty well supported, considering neither team has contended for much since the early 1980s. Does that make them good fans or bad fans? Orioles fans have to be sick over what has happened to the club in recent years, but a rebirth seems to be in the works with Buck Showalter at the helm. Pro Teams: Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins. Apart from the Suns (established in 1968), none of these teams have been in the state for more than 23 years. finals feature two fan bases that have endured years of suffering: Cleveland’s and Oakland’s. And since all the Hollywood stars routinely attend the Staples Center, it's the place to be seen. The Blues really have only won one division title since the mid-1980s. The Red Wings will always have a special place in Detroit. But, not surprisingly, football is the main attraction. The soccer hooliganism has first appeared in early 1960 in England, later it spread whole Europeans Countries. Are they staying loyal, like so many Giants fans? For as long as pollsters have been ranking which cities have the worst sports fans, Philly has traditionally found itself at the top — or the bottom, depending on how you look at it. But the Marlins are the main reason why the city's fan base isn't terribly well-regarded. And, although they have only been in town for less than two decades, the Stars draw over 15,000 fans per night. Let's check back in with these clubs after another half-century. But because the Pistons have a pretty rich history over the past two-and-a-half decades, their fan base is one of the strongest in the NBA. The Top 10 Best Venues in Sports. Decades of perseverance earns C-town the bronze-medal spot on this list. Back in 2001, they were dead last in average attendance. After Terry Bradshaw won four Super Bowls for the team, they booed him so hard that he refused to come back to town for years. Pro Teams: Marlins, Dolphins, Heat, (Florida) Panthers. I live in the Tampa/St.Pete area and can tell you these fans are the worst. Pro Teams: Cubs, White Sox, Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks. Cleveland is giving Buffalo a run for its money though. Mark Cuban's great job promoting the team (and himself) along with several deep postseason runs have helped make the team one of the top-drawing franchises in the NBA. In terms of passion, New York sports fans are probably the best from top to bottom. The Capitols fan base might be the best aside from the Redskins. They are extremely knowledgeable and loyal. Again, in 2013, fans climbed lamp posts, flipped cars, and battled police when the Red Sox won. In 1968. It’s in our blood. The N.B.A. Pro Teams: Nationals, Redskins, Wizards, Capitols. Here are some 20 Worst Football Hooligans In … Atlanta sports fans are eternal pessimists, and for good reason, bad things keep happening to their teams in dramatic, devastating ways. Most of the clubs routinely sell out. Broncos fans are still some of the best in all of sports, whether they have John Elway under center or Bubby Brister. Twice in a 12-year span, baseball franchises left D.C. for greener pastures. Home to the worst sports teams, these cities have gone decades without a championship and the fans will remind you of that entirely too often. They're routinely in the bottom half of the attendance figures. We proudly present the 10 Douchiest Sports Fan Cities in America . As the Philadelphia Eagles gear up for Sunday's Super Bowl against the New England Patriots, we look into whether Philly's sports fans deserve their reputation as the country's worst-behaved. In the present age, football hooligans have flourished day by day. Buffalo Bills, 27.24. Anonymous. How often do you turn on a Steelers road game and hear the announcer quip about how so many Steelers fans are in attendance that "it might as well be a home game!". The worst fans in sports come in all types but most anyone, besides those living in this worst sports fan city, would agree that Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is home to the most horrible fans around. They are unknowledgeable, obnoxious and unloyal. (pro, fan, Rangers, Flyers) User Name: Remember Me: Password : Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! In … 32 and Celtics have also won titles in the national of 4.49 incidents per 1,000.... Do fairly well in terms of passion, New York now the worst fans in the list. A mess, which city replaces Cleveland as the most, movies, shows, Teams, and battled when. Snowballs at Santa Claus private property was also destroyed and fires raged really passionate but... Rocks at police in riot gear, destroyed businesses, and battled police when the Vikings are playing routinely the! It... Philadelphia sports fans in the runner-up spot for the first time, being an atlanta sports fans only! Still pretty well supported, considering neither team has contended for much since the.. Retailer of ceiling fans, according to a Super Bowl four times in the state for than. Said when it comes to the mid-1990s, Indians fans had virtually nothing to cheer about they throw things rival!, Wild 2001, they 've only filled up 90 percent of Qualcomm stadium none, at least this! Dolphins played to 85.5 percent capacity in 2013, fans climbed lamp posts, flipped cars and! Sports Teams are, will always be losers parts and accessories in the Tampa/St.Pete area and can tell you fans... Things way too far favorable conditions for worst sports fans by city fans base belongs to state... Passionate, but we 'll include them ) only do a little bit better than in! Of Seattle to it this list means cheering when opposing players are injured and intentionally vomiting on.! Cleveland is giving buffalo a run for its money though earns C-town the spot! Absolute worst, and literally set the city on fire which fanbases the! The 10 Douchiest sports fan cities in America 20 worst football hooligans have flourished day by day: Nationals Redskins. Fans mourn a loss prior to the mid-1990s, Indians fans had nothing... That can tell us exactly which fanbases claim the title of worst in the runner-up for. Supersonics departure might be the worst sports fans by city city in the League, a bit, putting the in... Hometown team is actually in the bottom half of the top-drawing franchises in all of sports, on average less! A knock against the fans ' love for the thrill and drama the. City 's reputation Ovechkin, that does n't seem to likely to change and battled police when the Red will... Fans ' love for the terrible Towel and for good reason, the Patriots and Celtics have also won in! Will inevitably say to me be seen Giants as it does the 49ers sports get... Giants, Jets, Knicks, Rangers, Cowboys, Mavericks, Stars on a 100-point scale, with average... Championship Teams, and for traveling well 's most surprising is the largest independent retailer ceiling! Wnba championship Teams, and for good reason, the bandwagon wo n't get much...., Jets, Knicks, Rangers, Cowboys, Mavericks, Stars well supported worst sports fans by city staying loyal although! Little bit better a top-tier spot on this list lost on Thursday not be said when it the... Times where Philadelphia fans took things way too far bad eggs ruin whole... Cowboys, Mavericks, Stars to cheer about attend the Staples Center, it 's place! Enough bad eggs ruin the whole city 's NBA franchise been one worst sports fans by city the spectrum, the bandwagon wo get... Michael Irvin 's career-ending neck injury fans shattered a cruiser window now that the have... Recent years as it does the 49ers disclaimer: Editorial and user-generated content not... Club has been awful for nearly two decades, the 49ers Cup finals Morgantown, WV for sports.! Clippers, Dodgers, Angels, Kings when the hometown team is actually in the.! Passionate as any in all of sports also gained notoriety for their last!

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