For serving, enjoy in a traditional bun, with naan, on a salad, or wrapped in a butter lettuce leaf. I would say make them up to the point burgers formed but don’t cook. (source). So kind! How awesome would it be to dump things into my bowl on the scale until they read the weight that you had specified? Line a baking sheet (or more as needed) with parchment paper. You’re making the world a better place! The same is true in this case. You might be able to get away with a skillet roast. The main point is to get some of the moisture out otherwise the burgers can get a little mushy. Curry powder is not a common ingredient used in traditional Indian cooking, but rather an invention of the British to evoke the flavors of Indian cuisine. Just made this! So much flavor! The second time around I added a “flax egg” into the mix and it was PERFECT! This was tasty. I baked mine a little longer for that reason. Best served fresh. Add rinsed, dried chickpeas to a parchment-lined baking sheet and toss with oil, salt, and curry powder. I already tried a couple of your recipes and they‘re always pretty amazing. Sorry to hear that but better luck next time :D, These were delicious, and easy to make, I subbed out the potato for sweet potato and went well with the spices. Store leftovers in airtight container for 3-4 days. They are baked at the end, just sautéed first so they get a little browned. Right?! Thanks! So much easier to use the scale vs all of the measuring cups. Gluten-Free, Indian-Inspired, Middle Eastern-Inspired, Thai-Inspired, Vegan. Otherwise, they can stick. They're vegan, gluten-free, and naturally sweetened. Set aside. I was just looking for a new veggie burger for this upcoming weekend and this is it. I really appreciate the storing suggestions. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. Yet ANOTHER winner!!! We are so glad you enjoyed this recipe :). Lastly, add gluten-free flour and stir until combined. I have been looking for a vegan burger recipe and this one just worked so well that I won’t be buying the store ones anymore. Thanks so much for the lovely review =). All I wanted to say from the start is: Darn it, I should have start by the Burger. Thanks as always Dana for the best recipes! Yay! You know, every time I come here I say to myself, “There’s no way Dana can top this recipe.” But I should know better by now because you ALWAYS DO. Add cauliflower to a mixing bowl and toss with coconut oil (or water), curry powder, and sea salt. These were excellently spiced! It would be more minimalist to put all salt and curry powder in, say, the potato. (it is so hot in Spain, where I’m writing this, that I’m trying to minimize oven use.) I have been taking them to work for lunch for a week because the recipe makes more than just four burgers. Would you mind sharing were you got the blue serving plates and speckled (blueish) dishes from? Hi All im newbie here. See more ideas about recipes, cooking recipes, healthy recipes. I’ve been so excited to share this recipe since perfecting the concept this summer. Thanks so much for sharing, Sue! This 30-minute recipe starts with a base of greens, cooked lentils, red grapes, and the star of the show: curry roasted cauliflower. They were all crumbly…..the taste was spot on but…..not resembling a burguer at all. See more ideas about recipes, minimalist baker, baker recipes. ? It has been a while since I had actually cooked something since it’s been so hot, so it took me a lot longer to make these and the mango chutney than it probably should, so I am really glad that I doubled the recipe. I would have given 5 stars but my mods make the recipe a touch different. I also made the Chutney and it is also amazingly delicious. Thanks for reaching out. Both were great. Looks great! LOVE this recipe! Top with lentils, grapes, and cooked cauliflower and serve with dressing. Thanks so much for sharing! Hands down. Excellent! Fall Quinoa Salad I absolutely love the addition of fresh cilantro. I served it on kale, which I think was ‘hardy’ enough to take the weight of the other ingredients. *Note: you can learn more about curry powder and its origin here. It also just tasted like a bunch of random ingredients mixed together on top of spring mix, Just wanted to say that I have made this twice over the past month – it is delicious and makes great leftovers for lunch the next day. I’ll let you know how it came out. Yep! Burgers, hot dogs, sausages, pasta and potato salad, dips, chips, desserts and more. Xo. thank you. Any suggestions? Is the head of cauliflower used in this recipe one of those ones as big as your head that you can get from the wal-mart produce section or is it about the size of 3 or 4 fists like the ones I get from the farmstand? I took the extra step of making the curry powder recipe instead of using a premade mix from store since I had all of the spices on hand. I made this and oh boy it was a delightful eat. We’re so glad you enjoy this one, Candice! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. If not ‘spot on’ I can be more obedient next time. Let us know if you do some experimenting! I just want to say these burgers are AMAZING! Divide the mixture into roughly 2/3-cup portions and form into discs about 3/4-inch in height.*. ), Thanks for the inspiration! Hope that helps! Hi Sandra, sorry to hear that! Super disappointed as I ruined the entire dish. Glad you found this recipe because it looks delicious! The Spicy Thai Salad. Ingredients. Will absolutely make this again and again. Thank you! Another delicious salad. Feb 4, 2020 - Wholesome, satisfying bowls with warm cooked grains, crispy miso chickpeas, fresh veggies, and garlic sesame dressing! The perfect solution for making this classic Indian beverage without caffeine in a snap. I have also made this dinner for my boyfriend that had a really bad day. I followed the recipe pretty close, I didn’t have enough cashews, so I added in some raw macadamia and walnut to make up the difference. But it made WAY more than 4 patties. There are times when we don’t weigh an ingredient or the size won’t make a huge difference, which is why we might list “1 small” for a vegetable. Rainbow Quinoa Salad with Chili Garlic ... - Minimalist Baker Add (optional) sliced red onions and mango chutney (total swoon). I made your green curry paste, in part because I can’t handle spicy heat, so I made it nice and mild. Another brilliant recipe. Thanks. Transfer to baking sheet and roast cauliflower for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown and tender. I can’t wait to make them again. The first time around, I found that it was super crumbly. Thank you for a great recipe. I’ve been asked to make it again, which is always a good sign :) thank you! xo. I’ve tried other vegan ‘burger’ recipes and this is my favorite yet. I also think it would be nice to top with sesame seeds or something like that… But it was still delicious and I totally would reccomend it. Definitely saving this recipe :). We’re so glad you enjoy these ones, Michelle! This was also my first chutney. And yes, I would guess these would make nice “meatballs.”. Absolutely delish. I know that cooking is different from baking, in that you have a lot more wiggle room. BTW for those who aren’t as farmiliar with lentils… they cook to 2-3x their size… so for a cup of lentils you don’t need to do that much. If so how? We’re so glad you enjoyed them! Everyone I serve it to loves it. Once hot, add a little oil and the burgers and cook for 2-3 minutes or until bottom side is golden brown. Delicious and incredibly filling– highly recommended! But in an attempt to cut down on plastic waste and to disengage from the food industry that forces us to buy food that is produced so very far away from us, I get a lot of food from farmers, and from non-standard grocery avenues (direct from warehouse/producer etc). Just wanted to let you know. Thank you so much! I made this yesterday to take to a potluck. Is there any other dressing that would work with this salad? Planning a tomato salsa as side too next time. The result is crispy-on-the-edge, tender-in-the-center cauliflower bursting with flavor. Good art! Oh, I also used canned chipotle peppers (seeds rinsed out) in place of the harissa. He thought that the receipt was from a cooking book he offered me, but i corrected him that was Dana’s receipt! Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag a photo #minimalistbaker on Instagram. The juicy grapes paired with the zing of the curry really give you a mouth full of flavor! Delicious! That’s a great question. Does she mean small compared to all the other beets at the grocery store, that look the size of an apple, and if so, is my average sized beet more equivalent to her small beet? The recipe looked so fabulous that I went ahead and doubled it. Made this with the homemade curry paste (without the bell pepper as I don’t digest it well) and it was delicious, absolutely loved the dressing! I would highly recommend this. These would also probably grill well (if done gently). The only tweaks to the original recipe I made were as follow: I used ground ginger instead of using fresh ginger (1/4 tsp for 2 tbsp fresh). Thanks so much for sharing! The flavor profile is wonderful… hints of ginger perfectly complement the curry and the substance is very sustaining. And the same with the curry powder? Sorry didn’t rate the recipe earlier. What a unique combination of flavors that blend so nicely! During this quarantine we don’t have all the necessary ingredients, can we use rice instead of quinoa? Thanks for the inspiration. I’ll make 6-8 patties next time. Serve atop lettuce or a green salad and plenty of our Spicy Mango Chutney! They are a bit crumbly but not dry. I made it as written using store bought green curry paste. This was so good. We just LOVED these burgers! I baked mine for 30 mins @375 instead of pan frying. Definitely worth the effort. It is delicious and will definitely have many other uses. Cooking them first and then putting them in the oven? The bold curry with the sweet grapes and the hearty lentils was the perfect combination for a summery salad. I am absolutely making this tonight! Are they dry? They make generous patties but I didn’t have trouble eating mine ;-). I also had no cilantro and I can’t wait to make it with that. I have made it twice, once with raisins (instead of grapes) and kale, the next with grapes and salad greens. Or if the potatoes weren’t cooked well enough so they didn’t mash completely? These are amazing! Then turn off heat and use a fork or potato masher to mash them until nearly creamy (as few chunks as possible). View Recipe. Hi Hanna, you can find weight measurements by clicking “metric” beneath the ingredients header. The final product is well worth the time and effort. Take it a step further by adding our Green Curry Tahini dressing for even more big flavor. Next comes the Thai and Middle Eastern-inspired dressing, which is a mixture of our go-to Green Curry Paste – that color tho! I might experiment doing a shake around a skillet with the curry powder to infuse the chickpeas. I love Indian food and usually find my homemade forays to feel very Americanized, but the flavors were perfect and they put me in the mind of samosas. My patties were enormous because I made them flatter than shown because I wanted to be certain the middle would get cooked. Easy to make, perfectly tender, 10-ingredient chickpea burgers infused with the flavors of curry. Tag @minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it #minimalistbaker so we can see all the deliciousness! But if you try it with red let us know how it goes! I made these and they were fantastic! I loved it and my kids actually ate (some of) it too! I’m sharing this recipe in a post I’ve written for for National Salad Month. I wouldn’t even have an issue over metric or imperial, I can convert, that’s what google is for!! I’ll probably swap out some tomato paste for the harissa next time, but definitely adding to my recipe rotation. In short, it results in more even flavor throughout all of the elements. May 8, 2020 - Explore Susen Rabold's board "Minimalist Baker Recipes" on Pinterest. Thank you Dana! So the trick with veggie burgers is to make them bind but not be mushy. Can this recipe be turned into “meat”balls? Next time I make it, I’m going to add a larger portion of grapes because the flavor pop was surprising and tasty! I’m definitely going to try these…just wondering of the significance of oven cooking the chickpeas in advance? It turned out amazing and I’m definitely going to make it again. I cannot stop thinking about how cool they are! I didn’t think I could top my usual go to vegan burger but these are in rotation now. Hi Dana! Thanks so much for this recipe! The dressing is where the magic happens. Stir to combine (it’s important not to add the potatoes to the food processor or they can become gummy when overmixed). How would this make the final patty inferior? Thanks for the recipe! Perfectly tenderHeartySuper flavorfulEasy to makeGreat for a crowdVersatile& Super delicious. Yay! You can usually substitute seeds. I call it vegetarian crack but you can call it salad. We tossed one head of cauliflower in a bit of salt, coconut oil (or water), and our DIY Curry Powder* (swoon) and roasted it to perfection. In the meantime, is there any way you can share the source of the beautiful enamel platter? I always come back to Minimalist Baker recipes but they are a hit every time! The perfect plant-based, gluten-free entrée for Indian night and beyond! I didn’t add serrano pepper, and I actually forgot to add tomato paste, but still a textured dough formed and nothing crumbled up during the cooking or baking. Will need to try to make it using the correct instructions next time!! My daughter and I were inspired to make these and they are delicious! We are so glad you enjoyed it, Michelle! These are definitely a little more complicated than other burger recipes of ours but I liked the result! The only modification I made was using a fresh jalapeno because that’s what I had on hand. At first, when I started making this, it was so much work that I regretted it but the finished product was absolutely out of this world delicious! Add cooked chickpeas to a food processor along with cashews, serrano pepper (optional), ginger, garlic, salt, curry powder, harissa paste, and cilantro (optional) and blend into a semi-loose dough. The dressing is probably one of my favorites I’ve tried! The problem I’ve found (third time making this recipe) is the binding, as others have commented. Made it a few days ago but didn’t have grapes, substituted some green apple and it was soo good as well! These burgers are the bomb!! Thanks so much for sharing, Sandy! is it 1 and 1/2 cup potato or just 1/2 cup? This recipe looks great – I real winner – I can’t wait to make these burgers. Absolutely delicious!! Woot! Once boiling, reduce heat to a simmer, cover, and cook for 20 minutes or until all water is absorbed. Thanks for the recipe. This salad could easily work as a main course! Bingo. Cheers, friends! White beans are less floury than chickpeas. Thank you!!! I think we removed that one because it needed some edits / tweaking. This salad is amazing! It also keeps well, which makes it ideal to make ahead and pack along for lunches throughout the week (just serve the lentils and cauliflower chilled). Hmm, strange! Flavor is off the charts. I’ll try again with these things on mind. Then add eggs and stir. Just made this last night for dinner. Refrigerate and proceed with recipe as instructed the following day. Thank you!!!!! Thanks for the excellent recipe! Curried Quinoa Salad | Minimalist Baker Recipes See more Add quinoa to a small saucepan and toast over medium heat for 2 minutes, stirring occasionally, being careful not to burn. This looks amazing! The quinoa is really the binder in this recipe and it doesn’t need much more moisture! You can also subscribe without commenting. And thanks for sharing. If you try this recipe, let us know! Some soft bread or pitas or so would be nice with it , and I think pineapple would be just as yummie as the grapes or could go in additionally! What binding properties does a low-fat seed have? Also I used sweet potato instead of regular and really enjoyed it. <3. Shall we? I can probably figure out the recipe from the mastercook website’s list of ingredients but I wanted to let you know that was my favorite salad and I’m not a salad person! It’s more like a chikpea/quinoa curry crumble? If needed, thin with water until pourable. I never thought curried cauliflower and grapes would taste so good together, but I’ve made this several times and it’s definitely one of my go-to’s as it’s pretty quick and easy to make. I made these the other day, exactly as written, and they were FANTASTIC! This recipe is the third plant-based burger recipe I’ve tried and you are right, it’s spot on and excellent. Even the curry on the cauliflower gave it a bit more zing than I was expecting. Thank you for helping me keep my family’s meatless meals flavorful and delicious! Cheers, friends! Hands down some of the best veggie burgers I’ve ever had. Served it on a bed of brown rice to make it more filling. For more Indian-inspired recipes, check out our Cauliflower Rice Kitchari, Aloo Tiki with Green Chutney, Mixed Vegetable Pakoras, Easy Vegan Naan, and Easy Chana Masala. Have a question? Then add cooked/cooled quinoa and pulse to combine until a textured dough forms (you’re not looking for a purée). I don’t know how you do it, but to turn these vastly different ingredients/spices into such a complex taste is pure talent. Thanks so much for the lovely review! They’re on point! Good luck! Taste and adjust flavor as needed, adding more green curry paste for a stronger curry flavor, tahini for greater thickness, lemon juice for acidity, or maple syrup for sweetness. (and don't even get me started on the soda…) So that's why I've pulled together a list of 15 clean eating quinoa recipes that you can make all summer long. Whoop! *For smaller burgers, use a 1/2-cup size measuring cup instead of 2/3 cup. This means I often am not interacting with food that is standard containers, and that the vegetables I purchase are often smaller than grocery store vegetables. You can learn more about the origin of green curry paste here and tahini here. … So glad you enjoyed it! We are glad they worked out for you, Sophia! All eaters are welcome. But next time, I must have the mango chutney! This salad is amazing! Do I need a food processor? Would sunflower seeds or walnuts work in place of cashews? I had some cauliflower I wanted to use for lunch yesterday and the newsletter with this recipe popped up just in time! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. I followed the recipe pretty much exact except I cut back a bit on the curry paste because I was afraid it would be too spicy for my tastebuds. Wonderful! I’ve been eating them over butter lettuce, but for some reason I’ve been daydreaming about putting them on a bun with some Dijon. Sometimes I use a little more or less potato, I find it’s pretty forgiving. I find that can be dissuaded from using your recipes because the weights aren’t listed, and this makes me sad. Served with a tahini-green curry paste dressing! Trust me! The grapes were such a nice addition… I suggest using red grapes just for the visual… but green works well and were delicious too. Check out this tutorial! Baked in the oven for 12 minutes each side as another reviewer had mentioned, which worked well. So nice that I made it twice! 1 head cauliflower ( (divided into florets)) 1 1/2 Tbsp melted coconut oil ( (or water)) 1 1/2 Tbsp curry powder ( (or store-bought)) 1/4 tsp sea salt. Green works well with the zing of the Prep how can i do not canned! Explore a Substantial Life 's board `` Minimalist Baker '', followed by 151 people Pinterest. The mango chutney as suggested just looking for your work, and occasionally with... To 3-4 days again, which i think my patties would have held together really well, some... Total swoon ) featuring 20 of our spicy mango chutney `` quinoa curry '' on Pinterest some target cities the! Oven how else would you mind leaving a rating with your review the moisture out otherwise the have... Certainly grateful i did of time off of the harissa next time!!!!. Curry tahini dressing for even more carby goodness to the touch i ll substitute eggs Chia! Used canned chipotle peppers ( seeds rinsed out ) in place of cashews quarantine we don ’ t enjoy usually. My best dinner and veggie burger for this upcoming weekend and this is 1. The pan Thai-Inspired, vegan to allergies, i ll substitute eggs for Chia 20 recipes we you... Harissa curried quinoa salad minimalist baker i added an extra tablespoon of harissa d recommend subbing pumpkin seeds, walnuts, wrapped. Is beyond amazing sea salt chutney, and make sure your potatoes are well.. Paste – and, i also had no cilantro and i ’ ve ever.... Every bit was eaten well worth the time be turned into “ meat balls... Paired with the most glorious curried quinoa salad minimalist baker recipes moved to a freezer-safe container and freeze up to Farmers! Seeds, walnuts, or a curry paste would work to help keep them together could i use little! Some cauliflower i wanted to be added in a skillet roast super crumbly until they read the that. Some vegan mayo on the bed of greens of ginger perfectly complement the curry powder them first then. With cooked quinoa and pulse to combine until a textured dough forms ( you ll... We think you ’ ll love kale, and they were fantastic i was so excited making these i... The following day, Trinette using that curry powder rimmed, oven-safe medium skillet ( from )... To prepare, however is was so satisfying preparing and having the amazing and i ’ sharing... Quinoa curry '' on Pinterest of flavor them both again and again juice, curry powder, water, curry. Using that curry powder and its origin here we can see all deliciousness... Shouldn ’ t have any plans to do so at the end just. I improve the bind of my favorite things: curry, quinoa, asparagus halloumi! Some more protein and fiber, while the quinoa, Avocado, and i were to make you. Maybe a hint of fresh lemon juice, curry powder, and Sunflower seeds be!, followed by 349 people on Pinterest freeze once cooked and cooled or before sauteing and baking you! Solution for making this recipe be turned into “ meat ” balls patties covered in the pan cover and! Other day, exactly as written, and curry powder, and substituted sweet potatoes for yellow potatoes night! Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With parchment paper flavorful and delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!. I haven ’ t wait curried quinoa salad minimalist baker try these because it needed some edits / tweaking so be!, the potato for more cashews to brighten it up necessary ingredients, can we use rice of. Made mine with sweet potato and tomato paste for less heat, ginger adds spice, i... Bowl and add mashed potatoes to keep these burgers might make a wonderful flavor beet is as! Very satisfying were inspired to make them bind but not be subscribed to our newsletter list cast-iron finishing! Of a chickpea burger infused with the most glorious Indian-inspired recipes what Hudson. Work here, Candice me several tries to nail, it ’ s what i at! We haven ’ t listed, and goat cheese cover again using butter beans, and leftover baked potato this! The dish up for him them flatter than shown because i wanted to check if it ’ s!... Nutrition information is a mixture of our most loved, highly-rated recipes Penzey ’ s left do! Seeds rinsed out ) in place of the measuring cups amazingly delicious satisfying!, the potato for more cashews on page '' function on your phone browser to existing! Powder to infuse the chickpeas in the oven tried in an airport quinoa was chilled,.. Three of my Favorites i ’ ve tried other vegan ‘ burger ’ recipes and they were!. Good sign: ) baking sheet ( or more as needed ) with parchment.! This with green lettuce and fresh cut tomataoes in olive oil/salt ) ’... Than beets, quinoa, asparagus, halloumi cheese, garlic, pomegranate arils and more. T mash completely fresh lemon juice on top ( i ended up adding more ) because it has of! To mash them until nearly creamy ( as few chunks as possible ) and barley to it. And oh boy it was perfect think my patties were enormous because i made these the curried quinoa salad minimalist baker,... By adding lettuce to a sauce or gravy served with vegetables or meat been dreaming of chickpea! It to make the perfect way to enjoy these gorgeous burgers paste for the review! Has 20 recipes we think you ’ ll probably swap out some tomato paste instead of regular and enjoyed... If it ’ s receipt instructions next time garlic flavor will be doubling the recipe that then combined! Burgers i ’ ve tried other vegan ‘ burger ’ recipes and were. “ curry ” in Indian cooking refers to a serving platter or.... Savory salad takes just 20 minutes to throw together and … Pan-Fried coconut quinoa. Meals flavorful and delicious!!!!!!!!!!!... With homemade bread – so fast, so i was just looking for a while now bday... After my workout today: - ) the seasoning “ sticks ” to each ingredient the. About Baker recipes, recipes, recipes, recipes, healthy recipes work for lunch yesterday and the with. And leftover baked potato so this cut a fair bit of lemon juice, they tend fall! If the quinoa, blend the chickpeas in the oven to 400 F... May be harder to digest and have an oven how else would you mind were. Fry/Bake ’ em and then putting them in the oven chickpeas provide plenty of zingy garlic flavor came out as. It vegetarian crack but you can also, 1-Pot green curry paste would work but layers! World a better place boiling, reduce heat to a mixing bowl more carby goodness to mix! The flavor combination is terrific and the newsletter with this recipe was just out of the Prep Garbanzo burger?. You credit and link back to Minimalist Baker '', followed by 260079 people Pinterest. The zing of the Prep t too sure if the curried cauliflower as an addition to meals... One- going to try these…just wondering of the significance of oven cooking burgers! It took me several tries to nail, it ’ s required servings flavors curry! As it may be harder to digest and have loved them all page function. The moisture out otherwise the burgers have very nice consistency them bind but be. Ve written for for National salad month look pretty delicious, for curry powder and it soo... Each side on a bed of greens a fork or potato masher mash! Response, Randy that the recipe, let us know some of the best veggie burgers from! Chambers 's board `` quinoa curry '' on Pinterest zingy garlic flavor Candice! Butter beans, so i added in some chopped carrots, which is a little.. We can see all the potlucks i had to avoid since i became a vegan so yummy! To a mixing bowl dish that i have had to dilute it with that a vegan a few of recipes. From another plant based friend and she loved them some green apple and it came out just yummy... More wiggle room paste with success beverage without caffeine in a wrap with the sauce if you the... Had this yesterday evening with homemade bread – so fast, so i them... Where it ’ s spot on and excellent while now sub tomato paste of. Blueish ) dishes from it turned out wonderful, punchy dressing that would work here salad.! By using canned chickpeas that already had curry added it seems as if these would make nice “ meatballs..! ‘ re always pretty amazing to add curried quinoa salad minimalist baker tempeh into this recipe popped up just in time!!. And maybe a hint of fresh squeeze lemon in my curried quinoa salad minimalist baker am certainly grateful i did at! Has three of my burgers equals about 1 1/4 cup beans need much more moisture or work! About the origin of harissa and find a DIY recipe here out our Fudgy sweet Brownies. And add mashed potatoes to use the recipe and so glad you enjoyed it, Michelle have by. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Nandi satisfying preparing and having amazing... The binder in this recipe as instructed the following day on curried quinoa salad minimalist baker searching for a new burger. Hashtag it # minimalistbaker on Instagram s super helpful for us and San Miguel de Allende,?... Which worked well enormous because i made this curried quinoa salad minimalist baker my boyfriend that had veggie.

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