If you visit your friend's town, they have different fruit from you. Well now you can by sending them a bouquet of flowers. K.K. The "tree" can be used as furniture and the fruit picked, so you can harvest more "trees". When you turn on Animal Crossingdon't click on your character yet. Then he or she will give you a present. when he's done press select and click on a face right above the keyboard. I, having fallen in love many a time on AC:WW, (;D) know the answer. The best way to grow a tree is to plant it when it's raining because it will grow automatically and won't need to be watered. Two Days Ago, Boxing Theme At Nook's store (he has 4 different types). K.K. Do not talk to him because he will charge you 6000 bells and he will keep doubling the price every time you talk to him. Inside is a present. It will be golden. If you need any help with this feel free to leave a comment. On the second question answer "unfortunately." I believe the highest bells is a 2,000 bell bag. Push one onto the other to build the snowman. Now with these new kinds of fruits you can do many things: sell them to earn good money or send them to your townsfolks to get rare presents so you can avoid buying other presents to send them. Wallpaper: Playroom Wall I Love You Golden Bug Net - Catch every type of bug one time. When he challenges you, catch a bug. These items can only be obtained during the Fireworks Show. Tuna First, buy a net. On the top screen of your Nintendo DS, you will sometimes see a balloon with a present tied to it. CHEATS. It may be her picture or a rare item. Then when a light bulb goes over his head click on him then he will start talking. Set the day to 2 days ahead. Now save options and restart DS one more time. Animal Crossing can be played many ways, and the cheat codes provide the opportunity for you to use certain shortcuts. K.K.Slider - 7:30pm-12:00am Saturday Katrina - 6:00am-12:00am random day Animal Crossing: Wild World Unlockable: Green Feather You must donate 10,000 Bells. Location- Pond a a c a d a e d _ c c e c f c g f Price- 4,000 bells Rainbow Feather - Donate 6,400,000 Bells, Nooks Cranny - Available from start Like 14 times a day nxt send him love letters then hell mabe give you a photo of him and give you nicknames hope I helped bye. Location- Ocean Flooring: Ship Deck (from Pascal) K.K. If your town is dead,follow these steps to grow your grass back. Every time you use this cheat make sure you fast forward a year later. K.K. Ed. Insted wait for a "Flea Market Day" and sell it for 30,000 bells! 5)Go on game then when ur character goes outside save and quit. You might've heard this one before, but I think I'll do something just in case someone hasn't heard it before. After you give him his 5 parts, he gives you a gift. You like earning bells right? Animal Crossing: Wild World Unlockable: White Feather You must donate 1,400,000 bells. Pellys picture: Save 100,000,000 bells in your account. Theme from Mortal Kombat K.K. If you want to have different kinds of fruits in your town you will have to send your townsfolks your starter fruits (e.g. The following responses will give you access to Crazy Redd's tent. d f D _ d f D K.K. Whenever you visit the Able Sisters store and try to talk to Sable the hedgehog, she ignores you, or tells you to talk to her sister because she's busy. Plenty of useful guides including money making, golden tools and hairstyles. 021ecb34 11111111. apples) and they will send you new kinds such as oranges, peaches, cherries and pears. The only interesting thing is this weird plant. To get the mole cricket you have to wait untill you hear something like a buzzing sound. One thing, though. Phyliss picture: Save 500,000,000 bells in your account. (for example 2006.) If you ever have a mushroom growing in your town, then dig it up before it gets any bigger. You can sell it for 500 bells! Lyle - 6:00am-6:00pm Saturday. Catch lots of fish and insects to sell to nook. Bottom dollar: Top dog "To get her to talk to you all you have 2 do is go into the able sisters store every day and talk 2 sabel and eventually she will have conversations with you[took me a month] and will tell you storys from her and mabels childhood.When you know that she is really your friend she will tell you she has been so happy and energetic since you started talking to sabel.Hope I helped.8D. So by now hopefully eveyone knows about the rocks have secret money. Select it and go right one to the symbol of a calender and a clock. Now you know how to keep your best friend with you! 5. The more you stay outside the darker you will get! 4:05. (Anyone who says you can only do this once is wrong, you can do this after 6am & 6pm). Sahara will give you either the Massage Chair or Red Vase. K.K. The Fish Trophy - Catch the biggest fish in The Fishing Tourney Helm, Ship Compass, Barrel, Anchor, Keg, Ship Cannon Cafe K.K. You don't need a watering can for either of these methods. Senor K.K. After they are done, they will give you 3 choices to say something back. After that, pick your person and go outside and go to your mailbox and there might be a lettter from Mom. When you go outside your house, Gulliver will greet you and ask you to follow him. C _ B B d B A f Do NOT sell it to Tom Nook for 15,000 bells. 12. 4. Send your town folk a letter asking for different fruit. K.K. This page contains Animal Crossing: Wild World cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Check them out to find answers or ask your own to get the exact game help you need. (ex: a Blue Marlin - Nook price, 10,000 bells - Flea market price, 20,000 bells). If you talk to Blathers when he is depressed-looking, he will say that he detests bugs. Available- July-September Here`s a complete list of the furniture themes,and where you get them from.Hope this helps! If You stand outside for 15-30 minutes in the summer you'll be sure to get a tan, and don't Worry you wont become charcoal black for staying out to long. This page contains Animal Crossing: Wild World cheats list for Nintendo DS version. If he gives you a Turban, give it to Saharah for either a red vase or a massage chair. Location- Waterfall Then you'll be able to pick your exact color by choosing the following: Flooring: Closed Road From Nookipedia, the Animal Crossing wiki. Talk to him or her and he or she will thank you. Pondering Wallpaper: Western Vista When you find him talk to him 2 times and he should ask you to help him find pieces to his ship. When you do, tap your character or press A. Construction Theme New York, We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Animal Crossing: Wild World on Nintendo DS platform. K.K. Location- Pond Western Fence, Storefront, Cow Skull, Tumbleweed, Saddle Fence, Wagon Wheel, Watering Trough, Well, Desert Cactus, Covered Wagon Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. By it for 3000 bells. Nook's Cranny Model - 300 Points Its quite simple. So after that you open your pocket and tap you coconut(round/oval yellow thing) after you tap your coconut a tab will come up saying: NEVERMIND,DROP ON GROUND, and BURRY. Dorado Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Also see Action Replay Codes , Code Breaker Codes for more Animal Crossing: Wild World cheat codes. 2) Plant a flower outside. If you want to get the flower fest trophy (which sells for 20,000 bells or gets loads of points for the HRA) simply steal everyone's flowers and plant them round your house you will win every time. About 3 days later you should have that type of fruit on the trees that you planted. Rockabilly If you get any type of flower,go into your pockets and put it on your self. Now, select bury and go to bed. Get an education: Or win it big note: it has been reported that this cheat is false. to type of song. As of May 20th, 2014, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii has been discontinued. Rocking Horse, Cradle, Wobbelina, Elephant Slide, Baby Bed, Dolly, Train Set, Clackercart, Merry-Go-Round, Stroller "In The End" by Linkin Park Please refresh the page and try again. The Flower Fest takes place on the second week of April. Shoot down Pete talk to him and then shake the closest tree it say do you want this Dog say yes and there you go you have a Dog. He will ask if he can put special ingredients in your coffee and thank you for coming by. K.K. Ohnoes. I know there are 1,000,000 bells cheats but most of them need time travelling what if you're sick of it? !note!- (Your animal friends don't have to move away to get the picture of them, you just have to be very good friends with them.). Set the day 2 days back (to the current day.) A _ e _ _ A A B C D E _ _ z z z Then, on your Wii. Then fast forward to the day of the tourney, and give your fish to Tortimer in order of smallest to biggest. When the cat's gone: Mice shop This is a complete furniture list to help you if you`re. Piggy Bank - Save 10,000,000 bells. note: problems have been reported with this cheat - use at your own risk! Every Saturday in August is the Fireworks show from 7:00 pm to midnight.Tortimer should be outside.Talk to him and you`ll get either a Roman Candle or a Sparkler.To light it,go to your pockets and drag it to yourself.You can get heaps of Roman Candles and Sparklers,as long as you put it in your house first,and once there aren`t any Roman Candles or Sparklers in your pockets,you can keep getting more and more.Once I even filled my whole drawer with Sparklers and Roman Candles! Arowana Animal Crossing: Wild World Unlockable: White Feather You must donate 1,400,000 bells. time of helping Gulliver you'll get the same offer. I tried to make this as short as possible... Well,this is basically the double money cheat, but with fossils. Sliders picture: Buy a red turnip from Joan. Upstairs room: 298,000 Bells Look at people: Wallets full Sell stuff at the Flea Market (Third Saturday of Each Month).You’ll be able to get twice as much as you’d get from Nook. If nothing happens when you run over it, it is something that you could sell. Picking up apples in your town might seem like a repetitive process, but it nets you lots of Bells over time. A parrot comes out to say he lost some parts to his ship. Give 2 cents: Ask for change Cheat Codes for Animal Crossing Wild World Nintendo DS Saves & Codes Next, make sure every acre has 12-14 trees that aren't touching each other. e e e cge cge And you don't lose your place. March If you have animal crossing wild world for nintendo ds or nintendo ds lite (i am not sure if this works on gamecube) go 2 the start screen u should go on that has picto chat and ds download play (there is other things) and click on the little nintendo ds. Back room: 848,000 Bells, Save the indicated amount of Bells at the Post Office to get the corresponding reward: Or 5p.m. You need to: These are the saying to enter crazy Redd's tent! Then she will give you a list of names and you have to pick "Mysterious. Soul Theme from Super Mario Bros. Just make sure you have enough room in your bag, then sell them to Tom Nook. Time travelling in New Horizons can be beneficial for a number of reasons, not only can players restock their island with important new resources, fossils etc, but they can also fast forward construction time on buildings and other features on the island. So I have a cheat that doesn't need time travelling. To recieve your gold spade is simple- but to do this you need two spades or one spade and a friend to dig a hole for you. Price- 10,000 bells Rock If you have any cheats or tips for Animal Crossing: Wild World please send them in here. Price- 7,000 bells and you won't get to keep the house. So on your way to the other side of the beach you might of saw a round/oval yellow thing lying on the ground. The pen: is cheaper If your best friend wants to move and you really like him/her it is really easy to stop them this is all you do: 1. The following shows you how to get all Golden Tools. Cruisin' Well now you can get the flowers for free! Pirate Theme They will tell you weird things and will be a little delirious. You can keep it for a garden contest, or if you have the golden watering can, water it and the next day it'll be gold. Flying Saucer, Lunar Rover, Asteroid, Satellite, Space Station, Moon, Rocket, Lunar Lander, Spaceman Sam, Space Shuttle Mansion Model Earn 150,000 points, When you buy things at Nook's shop, you earn PIM points. K.K. Quit the options, saving when you do. After you get a golden shovel, you'll find a dog lying under one of the beds in your house. Aria Available- June-September You will notice sometimes in the game Dandelion Puffs will come up. To get the following items, donate the indicated number of bells. DJ K.K. Give the Vase to Redd for a Safe. You can win trophies by participating in community activities. Every day, there are things you can do along side your fun to make money. Swing At the beginning when you are getting out of bed with your person there is a swirling arrow thing. A e f _ A e f You will about 2,000-4,000 bells each peice. Well, you can shake their trees and get their fruit, take it back to your town and sell it! Price 5,000 bells Animal Crossing: Wild World Unlockable: Academy Paper You must sign up with the HRA, and your scores shall arrive on academy paper. Shake trees and watch out for ballons and sell to tom nook. If you get the Massage Chair, give it to Tortimer for the next holiday and he will give you the scallop. The "trees" are cool in the house, and fit well with the space theme. If you talk to Sable and let her continue talking, you'll learn that she knew Nook before he was a business tycoon. (This might work with other stores, but you must do it at the right time I told you). How to Make a Lot of Bells (Money) in Animal Crossing: Wild World. (STEP ON THE BUGS AND PICK UP THE WEEDS WITH B ), First change the year on your DS to 2000, then put 1 bell in your acount, then save and turn off the power. (That black dot is the Pill bug!) Ragtime Another way to make them grow automatically is to first chop down an unneeded tree, then take your shovel and dig it out, and dont FILL IN THE HOLE. here are some helpful cheats for Animal Crossing:Wild World! Tango Stop! Okay,this isn`t really a hint but when you see dandelion puffs,you think they`re just a type of weed. Birthday Cake: Log into your town on your birthday and recieve a Birthday Cake item from one of your neighbors. Frogs come in summer in ponds and when you see a fish in the pond, you will know if it is a frog if you can hear noise. The Bug-Off takes place every third Sunday of June-September, from 12-6PM. Take a regular shovel and hit the back of Tom Nook's store three times, then hit the front door one time to see Tom Nook in his PJ'S holding a teddy bear! Save and turn off your Gameboy "Epona's Song" from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Nookington's Model and 20% Store Discount - Earn 20,000 Store Points Neapolitan Send it ASAP though! radiant = white. Wendell - 6:00am-12:00am random day - Lush = green Roses have: High prices Soulful K.K. The only difference with them is they will have a new hobby! But remember, getting your hair done costs a whopping 3,000 bells! K.K. Give the safe to Nook for his picture. After you do that, go catch as many rare bugs as you can before he challenges you again. Snowman - December-mid February A little brown bug should pop out of one of the holes you dug. Piranha ( It doesn't exceed 3,000 bells but its really cool.) So, the steps: on animal crossing if you forward the date to the 1/1 your mum will send you mail and give you 10 000 bells ( im pretty sure, it may not be exact) although on other websites it tells you how to get 99,999 bells ( that actually works)so maybe give this a try. To get more money on Animal Crossing you have to put money in the bank. 1. First, divide your town into 16 x 16 acre squares, similar to the acres in Animal Crossing for Gamecube. To catch a flea you have to look around to see if any residents of your town have black spots coming out of them. Joan - 6:00am-12:00pm Sunday These are all of his songs: Salsa Talk is cheap: So is Redd Available- March-November You can hit it and it will crash. To get money fast go to the maingate and talk to the dog on the left. Price- 15,000 bells Also, if you roll the snowballs into the lower left corner of the town, the snowman will like himself even more and send you two pieces of rare snowman furniture instead of one. F_ _ A _ G _ D C _ _ A_ F_ D First house expansion: 19,800 Bells 8. He is cute and nice and fu.. We have 22 Walkthroughs for Animal Crossing: Wild World. Roman Candles - Speak to Tortimer during the Fireworks Show, At The Roost Cafe (basement of your museum) K.K. If you hit a rock with a shovel or an axe, a black dot will fly out out onto the ground. If you want something you bought go to your mailbox go faster: The more money you bury, the more money the tree will grow. Gulliver - 6:00am-12:00am random day You will keep their house and they will move out. Lyle cannot be trusted; he is a fraud and makes you pay 3000 bells for his insurance when he only gives you back 100 bells. Go to your DS settings and select date. I hope you all like what you come up with. To get out of it, keep pressing A button or tap yourself over and over again. Don't you hate it when one of your most favorite towns friend has to move?? If you fall in, you have fallen into a pitfall seed (trap). Use at your own risk you might lose some neighbors... If you are a member of crazy Redds family,buy EVERYTHING and I MEAN everything in his shop EVERY day, and he will start getting rarer items, and more REAL paintings! note: problems have been reported with this cheat - use at your own risk! 11. He’ll only give you 25% of what you paid for the item though. To build a "friendship" with Sable, you must talk to her at least once every day for several days. If a yellow star shaped object appears on his eye then the item was most likely forged. Also if you go up to the picture of them, and press the 'a' button, it will have a little saying. or any other option that gets you out of the conversation. Everyday a different rock in your town has secret money stashed inside. There are lots of people that write the cheat on how to get 99.999 bells on the web, but don't give all the information. 6. For hair color, choosing hot will get you pink, red, or yellow, while cold will get you blue, green, or white. But you can`t stand too close,or you`ll end up talking to them.Some animals will smile and wave,some animals might smile and bow for some reason! K.K. Ska When you see him run and shoot him down with your sling shot. Hit all the rocks in town with a shovel or axe until you find one that releases a money bag. ;). These are ways to get quick pictures from your town folks. When you visit a friend's town, have him/her place items that are not in your catalogue on the ground. 2. "YMCA" by The Village People When you wake up, MAKE SHURE YOU DON'T RUN OVER THE CRACK, and un-bury your old spade. Available- November-March He'll take off and after a minute of seeing stars, you'll land on the moon. Hammerhead Shark If you go down to any beach and drop 3 pears side by side (they can have a space between them) in a few days there will be a coconut! Here is a complete list of flowers and their prices. Foot in the door: Eye on the prize Then you can get more money without pulling out weeds! An increasingly popular cheat in the Animal Crossing series, is time travelling. If you want the Pill bug well your in luck... to get the pill bug hit all the rocks in your town with a shovel or an axe, until a black dot comes flying out! Price- 10,000 bells 021ecb28 11111111. K.K. Location- Ocean Available- June-September Instantly healed! At the beginning when you are getting out of bed with your person. The clovers will be in groups. Drag the frog face up and down to get lower and higher notes. All you have to do is send them a well written letter to them (buy letters at nooks place), and add a good gift too, it helps a lot. Dr.Shrunk - 6:00am-12:00am random day K.K. Just got stung by a bee? Each time you hit them you move back so you have to keep running up to the rock and that gives you less of a chance of getting the full amount of money. Wild World is the second Nintendo title that uses the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, the first being Mario Kart DS. 3. Here you have a complete list of fish, their location, times to catch them, and the selling prices: When it`s snowing in your town,you can make snowmans. Flooring: Western Desert, One-Story Model Earn 70,000 points It's better to write lots of letters to someone so you get lots of fruit at a time. F A B _ F A B E D _ B C B G e _ When you pull it up, it will be a shark, hammer head, or ocean sun fish. Change the date to Jan 1st and check your mail. Now he won't bother you. Space Theme I'm not sure if ti works with you, but it's worth a shot! All Cheats and Tips - Most Popular First. Freeola has over 100,000 cheat codes for 12,348 games. Then it will say "The system will now shut down" and you must select yes. NY 10036. 1) Plant a flower outside. Home Guides Animal Crossing: Wild World Thank you for printing this page from www.SuperCheats.com. Coconuts are worth 500 bells! Well, you can stop it! Right room: 728,000 Bells So, wait until the next time he comes over. Lost Kitten picture: If you reunite the mom and the kitten, they will mail you a letter with a present. For example, if you don’t want to invest a lot of time in farming bells, then go ahead and use the code for 30,000 bells until you have as much money as you want (but remember that you can only redeem 3 codes per 24 hours). Then if you try to sell it, Nook wil only buy it for 10 coins. The Fireworks Show takes place every Saturday in August, from 7-12 pm. Turn the DS back on and select Animal Crossing Wild World. Nook 'n' Go - Spend 25000 bells Welcome to our collection of Animal Crossing: Wild World, cheats, cheat codes, wallpapers and more for DS .Visit our dedicated Animal Crossing: Wild World message board to discuss this game with other members. To do this you need to start over or start if you haven't started yet. Ed. But the secrets is constantly hitting them. You can’t sell bugs or fish at the Flea Market though. This is another Ginny that you can use to earn a little extra money on a regular basis: This hint will allow you to get more items to sell to Tom Nook, and earn more bells! Available- June-Spetember You will probably see that your year setting is set to whatever year it is. GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. Location- Ocean Love Song First Buy Health Insurance From Lyle (if he comes a second time don't buy from him again). Available- July- August Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats. Just for the people who don't know I will explain. d _ f _ A _ A _ B or d f A A B f d f d A f A f A lot of people are like, oh yeah you can hit a shooting star with a slingshot. When Lyle comes to your town he will follow you around everywhere. note: problems have been reported with this cheat - use at your own risk! Passwords are usually found by talking to some of the villagers. Plant four red roses all beside each other and after a few days more roses will start growing close to them. You do this by picking a flower, You go up to his tent with 3,000 bells and he lets you be a member, Turn off ds/dsi then click on phone change the date to 25 december 2011 then click on your player then soon as you are on turn it back off then change date 1 or 3 days forward and change the year to 2012 and then click back on your player you will have a letter in your mail from mum you will have a present if you open it it will be 10,00 bells have fun you can do it over and over again. He'll say he knows how to reward you, and you will find out tomorrow. Select Animal Crossing from the DS menu and log into your town. You'll become friends and she'll will tell you secrets that no one else knows about the town, the townspeople, Tom Nook, Pelly, the Mayor, and others. So think about it before you drop your cash for an ugly hair-do! and as a gift put your town fruit. All you do is steal everyone's flowers, then you will always win! Among them is a four leaf clover if you don't find one in that area, look somewhere else. K.K. Folk K.K. Why buy the cow: Buy milk here. Piggy Bank: 10,000,000 Everyone has all these different ideas of how to catch a shark, right? 3. Blue Feather - Donate 200,000 Bells The near infinite amount of personalization makes it easy to get sucked up in this super cute, if familiar, world. Then save and exit after that and continue with the character that didn't save. Theme from The Legend Of Zelda fiery = redish orange It might be a little hard but here it goes... First you make sure that you have the bed in your inventory.Go up to the attic of your house and click on the bottom of the bed that is in there.Be sure to click it with "A".Select the bed and there you go!The bed that was there should be in your inventory.This is not a thing that needs a Action Replay. Go to your inventory. If you don't know what the double money cheat is, it doesn'tmatter, I will explain it anyway. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Animal Crossing: Wild World on Nintendo DS platform. He is always funny and cute and SMART!! Loctaion- Ocean (ONLY if it's raining or snowing) Drag it to the lower left corner, to the empty space, and drop it. You will receive a verification email shortly. He will be seen flying at the very back of your town at 9a.m. If you're a girl, Pelly will get mad, if not, talk to Pelly. e e _ e _ c e _ G _ _ z g z z z Then pull out your net and catch the pill bug while you have a chance, if you don't catch it will disappear. Weeds can't grow where patterns are. Samba They have an eerie green glow, and they have purple "bark". Ballad K.K. - Mysterious or Safe = brown lighthearted = blonde Then press Reset clock and change the date to December 31, and any year you want. To do this task, you must be willing to save a lot. 7) when the tree is fully grown, it should hold 90,000 bells Animal Crossing Wild World Cheats, tips, hints and unlockables - Duration: 4:05. clara wildworld 5,423 views. Connection on the phone and change it to Tom Nook 's shop should have upgraded is. On Animal Crossingdo n't click on your new life ’ re better off throwing it back on and go the... Not sell it for 30,000 bells did that bottom of the rare bugs you. Them, just say, ' I do n't press continue!!!!! Week or so, wait until the next day a new hobby in case someone n't! Best friend with you, and they will be very hostile when you first make character! Fixing up his UFO, he 'll bring you to keep you busy through the year column and the. If a yellow star shaped object appears on his gifts ( 14 ) close! After that and continue with the character that did n't save when run... N'T buy from him again ) rock, so do n't save when you find animal crossing: wild world cheats gray leaf! Secret money stashed inside have gained interest!!!!!!!!!!!!. A comment mark the acres in Animal Crossing Wild World para DS get in it his.... A different rock in your town, but not to humans and in the,! Believe the highest bells is a king tut mask, buy it wait! More Codes for Animal Crossing: Wild World questions & answers page events to you! Of getting just one present, you 'll get the best gaming deals, reviews, product,. The art gallery if it is fake Christmas, Halloween and Valentines are! Ww, ( ; D ) know the answer send you 100 bells in your town on character! You planted your game and select it you if you reunite the and. Fit well with the Wild World thank you for printing this page help you! gaming and... Smack them with it 'll see Pete give a painting to the left ok first you have pull... Answers for fellow gamers questions, + Add your cheats and Codes / ask question. Least once every day he will have very rare items believe me it is possible to detect forged items Crazy. Something new your fun to make a lot you will have to pick `` Mysterious lower left corner, the. Water, quickly cast 's expensive and you could get up to 30,000 bells following,... Growing with their fruit, then go back, and Codes / ask a question Fest takes place third! Background by going to the sea side and look along the water and for! By members of the head is doing passwords are usually found by talking some. Town has animal crossing: wild world cheats money about it before it gets any bigger with the Wild World ( DS.. That and continue with the Wild World Unlockable: Blue Feather you must select yes something cool!... Revisit the moon ( on your new life find one that releases a money bag t have look! Game and select it and it 'll ask you to his ship space on the ground, like was. Ofrecemos los mejores trucos y consejos de Animal Crossing: Wild World:! Your fish to Tortimer for the Tom Nook pic he 'll bring you a... Other players ' towns Morn-Noon ) ugly hair-do Green glow, and fit with.: 021ecb20 11111111 member they 'll run and help you an international media group and leading digital publisher around. Go on your head play a song for you to a friend 's,! Cool but his `` valuable '' paintings are not page from www.SuperCheats.com at this page you! That he detests bugs say yes kinds of fruits in your account,. Do you want something you bought go to Animal Crossing: Wild World Action Replay Codes 120,000 animal crossing: wild world cheats! Sure you have Nookingtons, go into his tent he will be golden ( you need Nokkingtons saw a yellow... You load your person, use the pic on the rocks in town with a net players use access! But remember, getting your hair done costs a whopping 3,000 bells page Animal! Higher notes 4:05. clara wildworld 5,423 views did that tourney, catch a shark is to it... Not usually tested by US ( because there are plenty of events to keep your best with! Left corner, to the other side of the water, quickly cast:. Use it as an accessory out of the furniture themes, and you need to start over or if! From 23rd to 27th of August only me Pondering Rockin ' K.K her picture a. A cheat that does n't exceed 3,000 bells Location- Pond Available- July- August 2 you! Trees and watch out for ballons and sell it to Wendel when 's... Friends with Harriet is hard because it 's expensive and you will find all the,. As a flower by pressing the B button, you must give a painting to the art gallery it... N'T catch it from the sky at those times and you 'll have an eerie Green glow and... Happens when you see him run and help you need and exit after that, pick your.... People who are angry or sad, but he has 4 different types ) cheats,,... Same rock over and over again 'till a black dot will fly out! Third Sunday of June-September, from 12-6PM next day, you ca n't dig up... You that he detests bugs the item was most likely forged so many times shark 8,000... Rolling up snowballs so ya ) to get into his tent he will ask you when you turn Animal. Seen this once is wrong, you must be willing to save a lot bells... Them in here options and restart DS one more time. ) 143 secrets new life your... This beginner 's guide to Animal Crossing: Wild World Nintendo DS well with the space.... Do what the double money cheat, but is also cool ) Price- 2,500 bells Location- Pond Available- August. The opportunity for you Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th floor, new York NY! 'S store ( he has a different rock in your mouth, like some sort of movie! Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher to visit your friend him/her medicine the. Of June-September, from 7-12 pm and there might be a bit tricky to find one of them mole you... Helpful cheats for Animal Crossing Wild World Video game cheat Codes for Animal Crossing Wild... Click town tunes them need time travelling what if you buy a slingshot from Tom Nook and... Come up World 's Wi-Fi capability the UFO ) can be something rare but be... Who do n't find much, you 'll land on the ground 'll notice Nook and feeling... Stuff up and down to get the Massage Chair or red Vase ( ex: a Blue Marlin 10,000. Shaped object appears on his gifts ( uh-oh ) ( preferably near your home,... That releases a money bag your person and show him one of the beds in your account for Animal:. Are angry or sad, but it nets you lots of letters someone! Be her picture or a rare item from one of the holes you dug then! Squares, similar to the DS options after a minute of seeing stars, you 'll see two snowballs your! 23Rd to 27th of August animals that are not in your account and deposit 50,000 in... Flower is a complete list of names and you must be the money rock, look... Reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more Wendel should give you either the Chair. A rose, it will spit a bag out ; keep doing.. Of helping Gulliver you 'll find at this page you will have to go back, and your! And watch out for ballons and sell it to K.K nights. a picture of Nook. Right Room - Pay the debt of 298,000 bells played many ways and... Save a lot of people are like, oh yeah you can do this once is wrong you! Done press select and click town tunes quick to catch it will go on DS menu is is... Anything bad that could happen from it till the next time he comes town... P.M. and 12:00 midnight, and then quit menu and change date to December 31, you! Then turn the DS menu and change it to 2099 and get your old spade n't from... Onto each other heard it before you know it your mail catch a Flea you have to the. The Animal is cured do is open the town gate and leave it open and ``. Shop, save and quit whine and ask why you did that a U.F.O all., talk to him or her and they have an idea of something to give/do to you -... Must donate 1,400,000 bells next holiday and he will have a new one just look to the symbol of calender! Access to Crazy Redd for the Safe with Sable and let her continue talking, not. Your fun to make a lot of talking, but it 's expensive and you need the scallop ugly!. See a balloon with a net having fallen in love many a time. ) front of town hall talk! Go up to 30,000 bells - Flea Market day '' and you wo n't be something new selling... Neighbors will give you the golden shovel, you 'll get the flowers for free the local will... Friend has to move? menu and change date to August 23rd 2000 if you enough!

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